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    「Reconsidering Master Recording Rights - A Step Forward for the Online Streaming of Sound Recordings for? 」

    Terauchi Kosuke(Kotto Dori Law Office for the Arts)

    There are many scenes where sound recordings (master recordings) are used, from theater, dance, sports, and various shows to promotional events. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, online streaming has increased significantly. Thereupon, the issue of "master recording rights" has arisen.
    This column is an introduction around the "master recording rights", starting with the definition of "master recording rights", and how to handle the rights, as well as the current state of centralized management for online streaming etc.
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    「Contents NFT: From the Perspective of Rights and Profit Sharing」

    Okamoto Kentaro(Kotto Dori Law Office for the Arts)

    Attention towards NFTs has been increasing recently. The use of NFTs is expanded to various in various fields such as art, games, fashion, music, and sports. Major companies and celebrities have also launched NFT initiatives. In addition to buying and selling and collecting, items in virtual space such as Metaverse, concert tickets, etc. can be used for a wide range of purposes. This column reviews the rights of NFTs used in the content field and the return of profits, while keeping an eye on the future expansion of applications. Full Text (Japanese)
    「Thinking about the Possibility of Protecting Game Sound Effects
     -In memory of Mr. Koichi Sugiyama」

    Hashimoto Ayuko(Kotto Dori Law Office for the Arts)

    The once-every-five-year International Chopin Piano Competition finally ended, which I had been looking forward to before it was postponed because of pandemic. It was unexpecting for one of my favorite, Szymon Nehring, didn't make to the finals, and we witnessed how the competition itself has changed as the reflection of the time.
    Although things have settled down a bit, I still can't completely return to my normal life. My second pleasure is playing games at home. Unfortunately, Mr. Koichi Sugiyama, the father of game music, has passed away. This column is related to game music, in memory of the great composer who left behind such great achievements for us. Full Text (Japanese)
    「Matsumotokiyoshi Sound Trademark Ruling Opens a Possibility for Strict Interpretation of New Types Trademarks in Recent Years -- Trends in Trademarks Including Names」

    Nakagawa Ryutaro(Kotto Dori Law Office for the Arts)

    About a year ago, I wrote a column about the crisis situation where it is difficult to register a brand name bearing the designers' names. Since then, this issue has been increasingly covered in the media. Recently, Intellectual Property High Court has decided on the trademark for the sound of Matsumotokiyoshi. This column will look at this noteworthy decision in this summer, to consider what is different about this decision, and how it may affect future practice.
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    「Why Doping is Prohibited in Sports?」

    Kobayashi Toshiaki(Kotto Dori Law Office for the Arts)

    Have you ever stayed up and study all night to prepare for the next day's final exams, and find yourself foggy-headed during the exams?
    Your friend, who also stayed up overnight but "doped" with expensive energy drinks, may have studied more efficiently, stay focused during the exam, and got better grades than you did.
    You are not prohibited to drink those energy drinks and take the exam, no matter how much the ingredients therein would help your performance.
    In sports, however, doping is prohibited. Why? It might be a difficult issue to answer, one that even Professor Michael Sandel has taken up as a topic of debate. Full Text (Japanese)