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    「Why Doping is Prohibited in Sports?」

    Kobayashi Toshiaki(Kotto Dori Law Office for the Arts)

    Have you ever stayed up and study all night to prepare for the next day's final exams, and find yourself foggy-headed during the exams?
    Your friend, who also stayed up overnight but "doped" with expensive energy drinks, may have studied more efficiently, stay focused during the exam, and got better grades than you did.
    You are not prohibited to drink those energy drinks and take the exam, no matter how much the ingredients therein would help your performance.
    In sports, however, doping is prohibited. Why? It might be a difficult issue to answer, one that even Professor Michael Sandel has taken up as a topic of debate. Full Text (Japanese)
    「In the Midst of the Increasing Filter Bubbles -- Ensuring Diversity of Information and Restoring Autonomy」

    Ninoseki Tatsuo(Kotto Dori Law Office for the Arts)

    On the Internet, not only targeted advertisement, but also various information such as search result, news etc. are tailored and different information is delivered to each individual.
    This phenomenon, known as the “filter bubble” or “echo chamber,” seem to bring about the situation where the concept of "marketplace of ideas" or "more speech" no longer or less likely applies.
    Under the influence of technological advances such as cookies and profiling, how can we ensure that individuals have the independence to access variety of information and deepen their thinking? Full Text (Japanese)
    「A Soft Law in Portrait Rights - An Overview of the Officially Released “Portrait Rights Guidelines”」

    Fukui Kensaku(Kotto Dori Law Office for the Arts)

    Well, I have to write something all up at once. Fourteen months has passed since my last individual column. In the past year with COVID-19 I had no time for writing. This year has been... well, let’s drop it, that would be another column. Today, for those who've heard and wondered about it, but haven't had the chance to read it thoroughly, I'm going to offer you a quick guided session of the ‘Portrait Rights Guidelines” that have been officially released. Full Text (Japanese)
    「What You Need to Know Before Entering the Online Streaming Market」

    Suzuki Rika(Kotto Dori Law Office for the Arts)

    The market of online streaming services, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, has been rapidly growing in response to the stay-home demand caused by long-lasting COVID-19 pandemic. This column introduces a few legal points/tips for those who are about to enter the world of online streaming services, and also for those who are reconsidering the existing services they provide. Full Text (Japanese)
    「NFT(Non-Fungible Token)- from the view of contents management」

    Okamoto Kentaro(Kotto Dori Law Office for the Arts)

    Recently, NFT has been a trending topic. NFTs have been issued for a variety of contents, such as arts, music, and games. There are some NFTs traded at high prices, such as the first tweet by Twitter's founder Jack Dorsey (approx. 310 million yen) and the digital works by Beeple (approx. 7.5 billion yen). On the other hand, it is said that some NFTs were issued by unauthorized entities. There are some concerns over overheating of NFTs, but it is expected that NFTs will be used in various fields in the future. This column focuses on the contents and the rights regarding NFTs.
    Full Text (Japanese)