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    「What Do Media & Entertainment Lawyers Do?
    - Messages for Law Students at the Beginning of the New Semester」

    Kobayashi Toshiaki(Kotto Dori Law Office for the Arts)

    April is the beginning of a new academic year in Japan. This column is mainly for law students interested in becoming an entertainment lawyer, giving a brief introduction to what entertainment lawyers do and legal knowledge and skills expected, from my personal point of view. Full Text (Japanese)
    「Consider the Guidelines for Secondary Creation Related to Fan Arts
    ~Upon the Relationship between Fan Arts and Copyright Law on the Internet~」

    Tajima Yuki(Kotto Dori Law Office for the Arts)

    Recently, guidelines for secondary creation published by companies have been increasing.
    This column summarizes "copyright infringement fan arts" cases , and touches upon the significance of the secondary creation guidelines for fan art, then discusses what the guideline should include (with mentioning concepts of experimental and common guidelines). Full Text (Japanese)
    「Fasination and Possible Problem around Cybernetic Avatars, the Key to Achieve "Moonshot Goal 1.
    ~Part I: CA & If Human Beings Can be Free from Limitations of Body and Brain
    ~Part 2: If Human Beings Can be Free from Limitations of Space and Time」

    Idei Hajime(Kotto Dori Law Office for the Arts)

    The Japanese government has launched and is currently working with research and development team on an ambitious project, the "Moonshot Goal". Among which, "Moonshot Goal 1" aims to develop technologies that will allow human beings to augment their physical capabilities.
    This column introduces the key of "Moonshot Goal", the "Cybernetic Avatar". Since it is a fast developing field, Part 1 & Part 2 are available at once.
    Full Text (Japanese)
    「Considering the Increase the Level of Statutory Penalty for Defamation ~ Can It Prevent Online Defamation ?~ 」

    Kitazawa Hisato(Kotto Dori Law Office for the Arts)

    If the statutory penalty for defamation is raised, will this have a deterrent effect on online slander? Would it have a negative impact on freedom of expression?
    This column provides an overview of the issue and possible solutions, on the basis of current state of debate at the Legislative Council at the issue.
    Full Text (Japanese)
    「Some Thoughts Concerning Shooting “Cheki” and “Entertainment Law”」

    Kamioka Mana(Kotto Dori Law Office for the Arts)

    At the beginning of December 2021, a "rumor" broke out among some idol fans over the topic that "cheki tickets" violated the Entertainment Business Law. The“Cheki”— a type of photography taken by small polaroid camera has been proposed that the figure of Japanese idol culture, and this “rumor” could be an important issue for fans, idols, staff, and others who are involved with idols industry.
    It may or may not be true, but people has probably fueled the spread of these rumors. No easy or simple conclusions to be here, but I hope this article will be of some help to those who are actually worried about "Cheki" and "Cheki tickets".
    Full Text (Japanese)