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Our firm was established in 2003 under the slogan of "For the Arts" as a law firm that supports various artistic activities. Our practice focuses on representing clients in the arts and entertainment industries, including publishing, film, theater, music, and games, in contract negotiations, litigation and other dispute resolution, and providing advice on copyrights and other intellectual property rights.

We also focus on corporate legal services and dispute resolution for clients in a wide range of industries.

The attorneys at the firm place great importance on social contribution activities, and each of us is actively involved in bar association committees and other pro bono activities (public interest activities) with their own agenda.

More Topics

Others Dec 2, 2021 The Fundamental Policies Subcommittee of the Council for Cultural Affairs, of which Kensaku Fukui is a member, has compiled an "interim summary" of the copyright system for the DX era.

Media Dec 2, 2021 Kensaku Fukui explained the current situation of manga piracy on TOKYO FM's "One Morning".

Media Dec 1, 2021 Kentaro Okamoto's column "Everything You Need to Know about Copyright Q&A Vol. 40" is published in the January issue of SENDENKAIGI. The theme is “Display of Artworks”.

Media Nov 30, 2021 Kensaku Fukui's article "Reviving the Deceased - Digital Avatar of Historical Figures, Author AI and Portrait Rights, Copyright, Dignity -" was published in "Information and Communication Policy Research", Vol. 5, No. 1, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

Media Nov 25, 2021 Toshiaki Kobayashi's article "Twitter Profile Image and Author's Moral Rights Infringement" is published in the December issue of "Jurist".

Media Nov 20, 2021 Toshiaki Kobayashi contributed an article on "Practical Law Books Selection by Theme" (Intellectual Property Law) in "Business Law" (January 2022 issue).

Media Nov 1, 2021 Kentaro Okamoto's column "Everything You Need to Know about Copyright Q&A Vol. 39" is published in the November issue of SENDENKAIGI. The theme is “copyright infringement by‘Sound Logo'”.

Others Oct 2021 Kotto Law Office has been awarded "Art and Entertainment Law Firm of the Year in Japan – 2022" by Corporate INTL.

Media Oct 16, 2021 Nikkei Digital published a summary article “'Mandatory retirement at age 45': Think with Kensaku Fukui and other experts’ commentaries”.

Media Oct 15, 2021 Kensaku Fukui commented on the decision on trademark infringement by hashtags on Fuji Television's "Mezamashi TV”.

Media Oct 13, 2021 International ARC seminar by Kensaku Fukui “60 Minutes Introduction to the Right to Build and Transmit Digital Archives" is now available on YouTube.

Media Oct 4, 2021 Kensaku Fukui had a conversation on Amazon podcast "Jam The World" about the impact of COVID-19 on the live events industry.

Media Oct 1, 2021 Kentaro Okamoto's column "Everything You Need to Know about Copyright Q&A Vol. 38" is published in the November issue of SENDENKAIGI. The theme is “copyright infringement by‘fast movie'”.

Media Sep 28 2021 Kentaro Okamoto commented on blockchain-based art information management in the Mainichi Shimbun morning edition (Free Version).

Media Sep 19, 2021 Kensaku Fukui will give a talk about copyright and his favorite music and books with Takashi Matsuo on NHK-FM's "Talking with Matsuodo.

Media Sep 2021 our staff Siyuan Li's research paper on "Kimetsu no Yaiba" related anime tourism is published in Waseda University GSICCS's journal Transcommunication.

Others Sep 17, 2021 Agency for Cultural Affairs started roundtable meetings for the "Establishment of Appropriate Contractual Relations in the Field of Culture and the Arts," of which Kensaku Fukui serve as a committee member.

Media Sep 16, 2021 Japan Performing Arts Solidarity Network (JPASN) supported by members of our firm was registered as a general incorporated association. Kensaku Fukui was appointed as a board member.

Media Sep 13, 2021 An interview on our latest publication “Entertainment Law Practice” (Koubundo, 2021) is published on Business Lawyers.

Media Sep 8, 2021 Ayuko Hashimoto's article on Personal Information Protection Law, "What is Personal Information?” has been published on J-Net21.


From Jan 28, 2022  Toshiaki Kobayashi will give a lecture series "Copyright Intensive Evening Seminar" hosted by CRIC (registration required).

Dec 16, 2021  Kensaku Fukui will give a lecture entitled "Digital Transformation and Copyright Right Management in Practice" held by VIPO (online).

Dec 10, 2021  Toshiaki Kobayashi will give a lecture entitled "Writers and Creators Support Program (Copyright)" at Musashino Art University Career Center.

Nov 30, 2021  Toshiaki Kobayashi will give a lecture "Entertainment Law Seminar - Basics and Practice" at the Tokyo Bar Association.

Nov 30, 2021  Kensaku Fukui will give a special lecture "Introduction to Copyright for Musashino Art University Students" at Musashino Art University (for students, online).

Nov 2, 2021  Kensaku Fukui will give a lecture on online dissemination and copyright and portrait rights at Tokyo Metropolitan University (for faculty, staff and students, online).

Oct 29, 2021  Kensaku Fukui give a talk on the recent revision of the Copyright Act as the 60th anniversary lecture of Kanagawa Prefecture Archives Research Association (for members, online).

Nov 27, 2021  Kensaku Fukui give a talk on data strategy and digital archives at the Library Exhibition (online, application required).

Oct 15, 2021  Kensaku Fukui will give a lecture entitled "Blur it or not? ~A Trial of Portrait Rights Guidelines and Future Prospects" at Copyright Research and Information Center (CRIC).

Oct 13, 2021  Kensaku Fukui will give a seminar on Artistic and Cultural Resources and Digital Copyright at Ritsumeikan University (available online).

Oct 6, 2021  Hajime Idei will speak at seminar "Content Strategy Adapted to the Digital Age and the Latest Trends in Copyright Law and Related Policies" hosted by the Japan Planning Institute (registration required).

Oct 6, 2021  Kensaku Fukui will give a guest lecture at Tokyo College of Music entitled "Live Event Crisis and Legal Support for DX Response" (for students).

From Oct 6, 2021  Kensaku Fukui's conversation at MAGUS "Art and Business" will be available online (limited period only).

Sep 28, 2021  Toshiaki Kobayashi will give 4-part lecture series on “Performer’s Rights and the Contents Business” hosted by CRIC (registration required).

Sep 24, 2021  Tatsuro Ninoseki, together with attorneys Yuki Hirai and Norikazu Maruta of The Rights Law and Patent Offices, will lecture on intellectual property rights at the Department of Journalism, School of Letters, Senshu University.

Sep 23, 2021  Kuninori Matsuzawa gave a lecture on Introduction to Business Law at Tokyo Medical and Dental University Entrepreneurship Program.

Aug 23, 2021  Kensaku Fukui gave a lecture entitled "Copyright in the Digital Age" at Japan Intellectual Property Arbitration Center Kansai Branch (Online).

July 15, 2021  Yuki Tajima gave a lecture entitled "Contracts Series Lectures in the Performing Arts 2021 - Towards a Sustainable Creative Environment, Part 1 (Basic)" host by the Open Network of Performing Arts (ON-PAM).

July 13, 2021  Hajime Idei will give a talk at event "Law and Kizetsu" hosted by "Book and Maid Cafe Kizetsu".

July 13, 2021  July 13, 2021 Kentaro Okamoto will give a talk at webinar "Overview and Practice of NFT for people in contents/IP business" hosted by DIMENSION.

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