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Our firm was established in 2003 under the slogan of "For the Arts" as a law firm that supports various artistic activities. Our practice focuses on representing clients in the arts and entertainment industries, including publishing, film, theater, music, and games, in contract negotiations, litigation and other dispute resolution, and providing advice on copyrights and other intellectual property rights.

We also focus on corporate legal services and dispute resolution for clients in a wide range of industries.

The attorneys at the firm place great importance on social contribution activities, and each of us is actively involved in bar association committees and other pro bono activities (public interest activities) with their own agenda.

More Topics

Media April 16, 2021 Kensaku Fukui will speak at the Digital Archives Society of Japan's online symposium "Official Release of Portrait Rights Guidelines and Future Prospects" (registration required).

Media April 17, 2021 Nikkei Shimbun Digital Edition published Kensaku Fukui's comment on the internet resale issue.

Media April 16, 2021 Kensaku Fukui appeared as a guest commentator on TV Asahi's "Hodo Station".

Media April 9, 2021 NHK "Good Morning Japan" introduced the Agency for Cultural Affairs "EPAD" project, in which Kensaku Fukui and Yuki Tajima serve as executive committee and staff members. Also, an interview with Kensaku Fukui and a detailed explanation of the project appeared in the morning edition of the Nikkei Shimbun on April 19.

Media April 1, 2021 Kentaro Okamoto's column "Everything You Need to Know about Copyright Q&A Vol. 32" is published in the May issue of SENDENKAIGI. The theme is “imitation of creation methods”.

Media Mar 31, 2021 A special column by Kensaku Fukui "Urgent Performing Arts Archive and Digital Theater Project (EPAD Project)" was published in enpaku book No. 117.

Media Mar 30, 2021 Mainichi Media Cafe featuring Kensaku Fukui was published in the Mainichi Shimbun morning edition.

Media Mar 26, 2021 National Diet Library's e-Depository System Council, in which Fukui Kensaku serves as Acting Chairman and Chairman of the Subcommittee on e-Publications and e-Magazines, has released its reports.

Media Mar 18, 2021  NHK News Web published a comment by Kensaku Fukui on the high court ruling in the JASRAC and Music School case.

Media Mar 16, 2021 Nikkei XTrend published Q&A with Kensaku Fukui, "How much freedom is there in borrowing ideas? - Considering the limits of plagiarism" .

Others Mar 12, 2021 Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters published the interim summary of the "Task Force for Copyright System and Related Policies in the Digital Age" on its website, in which Idei Hajime has been participated.

Others Mar 10, 2021 Japan Contents Blockchain Initiative, a DX consortium of media and contents companies, established the Copyright Distribution Subcommittee, and Kentaro Okamoto inaugurated as the chair of the subcommittee.

Media Mar 1, 2021 Ryutaro Nakagawa's article, "Reexamination of Using 'Other's Name' in Trademarks: An Appropriate Balance between Protection of Name Rights and Freedom of Choice of Brand Name," is published in IP Journal No. 16 (available online. The booklet version available on March 15).

Media Mar 1, 2021 Kentaro Okamoto's column "Everything You Need to Know about Copyright Q&A Vol. 31" is published in the April issue of SENDENKAIGI. The theme is “Idea” and “Expression”.

Others Feb 23, 2021 The portal site of EPAD (Emergency Performing Arts Archive + Digital Theater Project), which is supported by Kensaku Fukui and Yuki Tajima, and the special site for stage performance archives opened (media report).

Others Feb 2021 Our firm is awarded as "Art and Entertainment Law Firm of the Year in Japan - 2021" by Global Law Experts (GLE).

Media Feb 6, 2021 Kensaku Fukui commented on the unauthorized sale of online live video on NHK News.

Media Feb 6, 2021 Kensaku Fukui commented on the manga piracy issue in the morning edition of the Yomiuri Shimbun.

Media Feb 4, 2021 An interview article with Kensaku Fukui regarding the copyright issue of cosplay was published on

Media Feb 3, 2021 The performing arts archive project "EPAD," in which Kensaku Fukui and Yuki Tajima participated, was introduced in the evening edition of the Tokyo Shimbun.


April 14, 2021  Kensaku Fukui will give a lecture on "Copyright Licensing Practices" at Content Tokyo 2021 (registration required).

April 6, 2021  Kentaro Okamoto gave an online lecture of copyright basics at Meiji Pharmaceutical University (for students).

April 2, 2021  An interview with Kensaku Fukui was published in "WE MUST GO ON 2 - Theatre Performers' 2020".

Mar 15, 2021  Hajime Idei attended the "Intellectual Property Officers in Southeast Asia Meeting" organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, and exchanged opinions with intellectual property officers from Southeast Asian embassies on how to deal with piracy.

Mar 13, 2021  the EPAD (Emergency Performing Arts Archiving and Digital Theater Project), joined by Kensaku Fukui and Yuki Tajima, will hold a summary symposium (watch online).

Mar 12, 2021  Ayuko Hashimoto will give an online lecture titled "Basics of Copyright Law - Information Management in the Age with Corona" at the "3rd Corporate Legal Training Seminar" hosted by the Tokyo Judicial Scriveners Association.

Mar 11, 2021  Kensaku Fukui will speak at the Mainichi Media Cafe "The Age of Crisis and Digital Archives: Think about the Necessity and Possibility of Portrait Rights Guidelines".

March 2, 2021  Kensaku Fukui will appear at the "National Film Material Archive Summit 2021" and will give a lecture on issues related to archive and publication (online).

Mar 1, 2021  Kensaku Fukui's lecture at the Japan National Press Club entitled "The Manace of Online Piracy", is now available on YouTube.

Feb 26, 2021  The "J-LODlive Subsidy Definitive Inspection Study Session" will be held online with Kosuke Terauchi as the instructor.

Feb 26, 2021  Kensaku Fukui will give a lecture at IMART2021 (details to follow).

Feb 25, 2021  Kensaku Fukui gave a lecture entitled "Preparing for Event Cancellation and Alternative Measures for Crisis" at Chiba City Cultural Center.

Feb 18, 2021  Kensaku Fukui will speak on "The Possibilities and Limitations of Video Distribution" at the Performing Arts Collaboration Forum, Geidankyo (online).

Feb 15-28, 2021  Kensaku Fukui will give a lecture on "Digital Archiving of Performing Arts" at the Kobunkyo Art Management Workshop (online).

Jan 28, 2021  Kensaku Fukui will give an online speech entitled "How to go beyond the live event crisis" at the Japan 2.5 Dimension Musical Association (members only).

Jan 25, 2021  Kensaku Fukui gave a speech on CIC live with the theme of live event support and rule making.

Jan 20, 2021  Kensaku Fukui will give an online lecture on "Copyright and Streaming", hosted by the National Science Museum Collaboration Council.

Jan 15, 2021  Toshiaki Kobayashi will give a lecture titled "What Aspiring Writers and Creators Need to Know about Copyright" at Musashino Art University (for students).

Jan 9, 2021  Kentaro Okamoto will give a lecture at Kumamoto Prefectural Theatre titled "What you need to know in the time of 'with Corona' Video Distribution and Copyright" at Kumamoto Prefectural Theatre (online).

Dec 8, 2020  Fukui Kensaku will give a seminar entitled "License and Contracts for Stage and Live Events", hosted by the Visual Industry Promotion Organization (online).

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