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    「Imitation of Product Form and Range of Protection after Product's Model Change」

    Publication: Jurist June 2019 
    Author〔Co-Author〕: KOBAYASHI Toshiaki

    『 Lecture: Contemporary Contract Law, Section 2』
    Publisher: Serinshoen (April 2019)
    Author〔Co-Author〕: IDEI Hajime
    『Digital Archive Basics 1: Rights Processing and Law Practices』
    Publisher: Bensei (March 2019)
    Supervisor: FUKUI Kensaku   Author〔Co-Author〕: HASHIMOTO Ayuko
    『100 Selected Cases of Copyright Law 6th Edition (Jurist, Special Volume)』
    Publisher: Yuhikaku (March 2019)
    Author〔Co-Author〕: FUKUI Kensaku NAKAGAWA Ryutaro
    「Publicity Right of the "Delebs"」
    Publication: Jurist March 2019 
    Author: KOBAYASHI Toshiaki
    「First Trial Decision of the Iraq War Verification Report Information Disclosure Proceedings: Disclosure of Diplomatic Information Based on the Information Disclosure Law」
    Publication: Law Seminar March 2019 
    Author: NINOSEKI Tatsuo
    「District Court Decision on the Mario Kart Case」
    Publication: Jurist February 2019 
    Author: KOBAYASHI Toshiaki
    『Principles of Android : Whose Right to Revive Soseki?』
    Publication: Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (January 2019)
    Author〔Co-Author〕: FUKUI Kensaku