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    Laws for Works and Creations

    Publication:Houken Jan 2024 
    Author:Kentaro Okamoto 

    Serial Column「"Q&A for Copyrights that Advertisors Should Know" Vol.1-65」

    Publication: SENDENKAIGI Oct 2018-Feb 2024 
    Author: OKAMOTO Kentaro

    Freelancer Legal Issues sorted by professions - A Cross-sectional View of Related Laws and Guidelines -

    Publication:Daiichi Hoki Nov 2023 
    Editor, Co-Author:IDEI Hajime

    Entertainment Law Practice

    Publication:Koubundou June 2021 
    Co-Author:Kotto Dori Law Office
    Editor: FUKUI Kensaku, KOBAYASHI Toshiaki 

    Infringement of right to integrity by full-text reproduction of original work

    Publication: Jurist June 2021 
    Author: KOBAYASHI Toshiaki

    「Reexamination of Using 'Other's Name' in Trademarks: An Appropriate Balance between Protection of Name Rights and Freedom of Choice of Brand Name」

    Publication: IP Journal  No. 16 March 2021 
    Author: NAKAGAWA Ryutaro

    New Year Special Feature: Corporate Legal Affairs by Themes: Prospects for 2021 and Beyond "Intellectual Property"

    Publication: Monthly「Corporate Law A2Z」 January 2021 
    Author: KOBAYASHI Toshiaki

    Outline of the "Act for Partial Revision of the Copyright Act and the Act on Special Provisions for Registration of Program Works

    Publication: Horitsu no Hiroba December 2020 
    Author:HASHIMOTO Ayuko

    Expansion of the scope of the right restriction provisions concerning unintended appearance in photography

    Publication: Horitsu no Hiroba December 2020 
    Author:IDEI Hajime

    Q&A: A Practical Guide to Handling Personal Information: From Basic Knowledge to Utilization and Trouble Dealing

    Publication:Civil Law Research Society November 2020 
    Co-Author: NINOSEKI Tatsuo 

    Confirmation of non-existence of obligation between patentee and third party by non-exclusive licensee and benefit of confirmation

    Publication: Jurist December 2020 
    Author: KOBAYASHI Toshiaki

    Fashion Law and Copyright

    Publication: Copyright  October 2020 
    Author: NAKAGAWA Ryutaro

    「Looking Back on 50 Years of Copyright Law」

    Publication: Quarterly Jurist Summer Issue 2020 
    Author〔Co-Author〕: FUKUI Kensaku

    「Countermeasures Against Pirated Sites: Overseas Related Legal Measures」

    Publication: Copyright August 2020 
    Author: NINOSEKI Tatsuo

    「 Current Status of AI Creation and Issues to be Discussed from Copyright Law Perspective」

    Publication: Copyright August 2020 
    Author: IDEI Hajime

    『100 Selected Cases of Trademarks, Designs, and Unfair Competition [Second Edition]』
    Publisher: Yuhikaku (July 2020)
    Author〔Co-Author〕: NAKAGAWA Ryutaro
    「Copyright Law Issues in Music Classroom Trials」

    Publication: Jurist July 2020 
    Author: HASHIMOTO Ayuko

    「Illegal Replica of Expensive Artworks and "Amount Equivalent to Royalty" in Article 114, Paragraph 3 of the Copyright Law」

    Publication: Jurist June 2020 
    Author: KOBAYASHI Toshiaki

    「Fashion Design and "Distance" in Design Law」
    Publication: Annual Report No. 43 of the Japan Society for Industrial Property Law「Discussion on the Revision of Design Law」(May 2020)
    Author〔Co-author〕: NAKAGAWA Ryutaro
    「Current Status and the Ideal of Intellectual Property System in Robot AI society」
    Publication: Rule of Law  April 2020 (No.197)
    Author〔Co-Author〕: FUKUI Kensaku, IDEI Hajime
    『What is Copyright? The Future of Culture and Creativity (Revised Edition )』
    Publisher: Shueisha Shinsho (March 2020) 
    Author: FUKUI Kensaku
    『Internet Business Copyright and Rules [2nd Edition] (Entertainment and Copyright from Beginners to Practice⑤)』
    Publisher: Copyright Research and Information Center (March 2020) 
    Editor: FUKUI Kensaku   Author〔Co-Author〕: FUKUI Kensaku
    『Record for the Future-Municipal Document Management to Avoid Risks』
    Publisher: Daiichihoki (Feb 2020)
    Author〔Co-Author〕: NINOSEKI Tatsuo
    『Q & A SMEs Legal Support Handbook-Legal Affairs from Founding to Growth, Maturity and Decline-』
    Publisher: Sokosha (January 2020)
    Author〔Co-Author〕: MATSUZAWA Kuninori
    「Copyright of Practical Product Design (Form of Bags)」

    Publication: Jurist Dec 2019 
    Author: KOBAYASHI Toshiaski

    『 Intellectual Property Law and Business Types [Serialized Magazine Edition]』
    Publisher: Yuhikaku (Nov 2019)
    Author〔Co-Author〕: FUKUI Kensaku, KOBAYASHI Toshiaki, NAKAGAWA Ryutaro, HASHIMOTO Ayuko
    『Public Document Management-Towards the Establishment of Democracy』

    Publisher: Akaishi Shoten (October 2019) 
    Author〔Co-Author〕: NINOSEKI Tatsuo

    「Melody and Quote」

    Publication: Jurist September 2019 
    Author: HASHIMOTO Ayuko

    「Outline of the Copyright Law Reform and Precautions in Practice」

    Publication: Enterprise Law A to Z July 2019 
    Author: HASHIMOTO Ayuko

    「Fashion Design Copyright-Camois Case」

    Publication: Copyright Research No. 45号(June 2019) 
    Author: NAKAGAWA Ryutaro