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    Recent Stages, Exhibitions and Events Supported by Members of Our Office:

    NODA・MAP「Q:A Night At The Kabuki」(Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre)
    2022 July 29-Sep11 (Tokyo), Oct7-16 (Osaka)
    「Harry Potter And The Cursed Child」(TBS ACT Theatre)
    2022 July 8-
    「D League」(Tokyo Garden Theatre)
    「All My Sons」(Theatre Cocoon)
    2022 May 10-30
    Musical「Your Lie In April」(Nissei Theatre)
    2022 May 7-24 (Tokyo)、June 4-5(Gunma)、June 9-12(Aichi)、June 16-18 (Hyoko)、June 25-26(Toyama)、July 1-3(Fukuoka)
    Musical「Mary Poppins」(Theatre Orb)
    2022 Mar24-May8 (Tokyo) May20-Jun6 (Osaka)
    Fujii Kaze 2nd Album「LOVE ALL SERVE ALL」
    「Spirited Away」(Imperial Theatre)
    2022 Mar 2-28 (Tokyo), April 13-24(Osaka)、May 1-28(Fukuoka)、June 6-12 (Sapporo)
    Musical「Singin in the Rain」(Theatre Orb)
    2022 Feb 2- 13
    Musical「Parumpum」(Theatre Cocoon)
    2021 Nov 3-28